Year One Practicum Exercise
At the end of each academic year, the students of WNCC are sent out to get hands-on
practical experience as they work hand-in-hand with congregations. At the end of the 2022/2023
school year, the year One students were all sent out to work with congregations and get practical
experience in Christian ministry from ministers in the field. The duration of the practicum
experience is 2-weeks. And within these 2-weeks, the students engage in door-to-door
evangelism, open-air evangelism, and church ministry. The female students among them are
actively engaged as they minister to the children as well as the sisters of these congregations.
The practicum experience is also a medium to showcase our students as well as continue the
symbiotic relationship between the college and the congregations—wherein they send us the raw
products, and we work on the raw products and send them back to the congregations as finished
products. The practicum experience was a success as the students returned home after the two-
week exercise. The students were sent to 9 congregations within Ogun state, and 1 congregation
in Lagos state.

Nigeria 4 Fields Discipleship Multiplication Training
Evangelism is not only the ministry for the students but also for staff members of the
college. As the college closed its gates to end the semester, the gates of the gospel remained
open. A 3-day Discipleship Multiplication Training was held at Church of Christ, Jaleoyemi,
Seminbio area of Ibadan, Oyo State, South West of Nigeria. The training started on Friday, May
26th, and was concluded on Sunday, May 28th, 2023. The trainers were ‘Biodun Owolabi, Femi
Okewunmi and John Onifade. An average of 58 brethren attended the training daily including
three preachers from neighboring congregations of the Lord’s church. The highly contextualized
training was delivered in the Yoruba language for maximum impact since that was the language
of communication in the area. It opened the participants’ eyes to the level of lostness in their
context and the need for the local church to rise to the challenge. Participants marveled at the
potential of the tools in equipping them to preach the gospel. Several of the participants regretted
their inability to share their faith for lack of effective methods of preaching the gospel and
resolved to deploy the tools appropriately and become disciples that are making other disciples.
The participants left with the impression that a Christian mark of fruitfulness is winning souls for
Christ and are resentful at the idea of being tagged a barren Christian. To God be the glory!