Our Staff

Chad Wagner, President

Chad Wagner grew up in Paragould, Arkansas. He received a Bachelor and Master of Divinity from Harding University. He married Rena (a Registered Nurse) and they have five children who are all faithful to the Lord. He has preached for several years in Arkansas (Bradford, Paragould) before moving, with his family, to the mission field of Tanzania in 2012. Chad has returned now to the US to work with African Christian Schools. He has done several short-term mission trips to Nigeria, Tanzania, Estonia, Finland and the UK. He has a passion for training preachers and believes in 2 Timothy 2:2 to “train faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” He can be reached by email at acsf1959@gmail.com or by phone at (615) 542-6282.

Joyce Anderson,
Administrative Assistant

Joyce has been working with African Christian Schools Foundation since 1973. During her tenure she has worked as an assistant to a number of past Presidents, she has lived in Nigeria working with the colleges and help the schools set up and establish their bookkeeping standards. Momma Joyce as they call her in Nigeria is an invaluable asset to the work of the Foundation. Her knowledge of the people and culture surrounding our schools plays and important role in our daily operations. Joyce can be reached by email at jba732002@yahoo.com, or by phone at (615) 630-4026.

Kate Beck,

Kate and her husband Cole have been involved in missions for several years. They worship at the Church of Christ in Green Hills, Nashville, TN.