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In 1944, Lawrence Avenue Church of Christ in Nashville, Tennessee sent Bible correspondence courses to American GI’s in Europe, they never imagined that one would make it’s way to Africa. A Nigerian policeman named C. A. O. Essien was referred to the course through a penpal organization in Germany. Not only were his scores top rate, but he put what he learned into practice. He and a friend baptized one another. In a short period, he reported an unbelievable number of congregations started. Essien was aware that his fellow church leaders were not adequately prepared to meet the needs of young congregations. He didn’t ask for foreigners to come and take over leadership. His request had a prophetic tone. “We can teach our people, but we need teaching ourselves. Send men to TEACH US, and we shall take Nigeria for the truth.”

Over fifty years later, ACSF has two schools in Nigeria, one in the east, Nigerian Christian Bible College, and one in the west, West Nigerian Christian College, and has over 2,000 graduates. History has proven Essien to be correct. After fifty years of training men to preach in Nigeria, the number of churches has doubled every decade. As of today, there are around 8,000 churches in Nigeria.

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