West Nigeria Christian College October 2020 Update

The month of October heralded a new beginning for West Nigeria Christian College, Abeokuta, Nigeria, upon flattening of the curve of the Covid-19 pandemic and relaxation of lockdown for social interactions and economic activities to gradually pick up.

To start with, the college embarked upon fumigation of the community, invested in several gadgets and embark on safety measures to conform to Covid-19 protocols for safety of the campus community and our visitors.

Following is a review of post lockdown, Covid-19 sensitive new beginnings at WNCC:

Chapel Session

We are grateful to God for the first chapel session after the lockdown on the 6th of October, 2020. In attendance were new and returning students, faculty, staff and other members of the community. The chapel was in a rejoicing mood after a long period of school close down. It was a wonderful reunion, and we trust God to bless us throughout and beyond the school year.


We are grateful to God for the three souls that were added to the kingdom. These are newly admitted students namely, Udeji Emeka, Kehinde Korede and Odeh Steven. We give God the praise for the addition into the body of Christ. Evangelistic activities are yet to be fully activated due to Covid-19 restrictions. Meanwhile, the entire community is under intensive 4-Fields discipleship training preparatory to the time when the coast will be clear to resume our daily and weekly evangelistic schedule.

Vocational Training/Ventures

The College’s poultry stocked with almost 600 birds produces about 12 crates daily. The poultry remains the most reliable source of internally generated revenue for the college in the last three years.

The fish pond was stocked with 1000 juveniles on September 6, 2020. They are expected to mature for harvest in the next three months.

The plantain plantation cultivated in August 2020, with about 1500 is thriving beautifully. We are hopeful for a bountiful harvest by this time next year.

Similarly, about three acres of the college’s 30-acre land holding was cleared and cassava stems planted.

Plantain Plantation

                                                                      Cassava Plantation

We trust God to continue to bless and multiply our humble academic, spiritual and venture endeavors, to bless His people, extend the frontiers of His kingdom and glorify His name.