Conclusion of 2019-2020 Academic Activities

Academic activities for the 2019-2020 were rounded up in the month of June with the final semester examinations conducted for both year one and year two classes. The virtual examinations conducted on the platform of classmarker.com went very well.

Second Round of Covid-19 Palliative Distribution

The second round of another $750 was released for Covid-19 palliative for the college communities. Bags of rice, beans, salts and packages of groundnut oil sachets and crates of eggs were distributed. This time, the target was the aged and senior citizens as well as the College’s staff members. Gratitude was spontaneously expressed; God, glorified.

Graduation Ceremony on Reopening

It is hoped that when the lockdown is further eased for schools to reopen, year two students will be sent out for a two-week internship with congregations before returning to campus for the graduation ceremony. This year’s graduation will be organized in line with Covid-19 protocols.

Degree Website and Recruitment

The designing of the Degree website which was incorporated into our existing website was completed. The design enables prospective students to apply and pay for application forms online. It facilitates online instruction and virtual examination among other features. Meanwhile, efforts are intensified for recruitment of students through bulk SMS messages, WhatsApp posting and Facebook paid advert in addition to partnering with preachers and congregations to recommend prospective students.

Virtual Classroom and Zoom compliant part time centers

In realization of the decision to drive the degree program mostly through online studies, one of the classrooms presently occupied by the Deans close to the ICT center will be converted to a virtual classroom. This will enable us to teach students on campus and in other places through the Zoom platform.  Arrangements are been made for appropriate furniture, microphones and other digital equipment for the virtual classroom. Below is the picture of a projector, projector screen and other accessories procured during the month for this purpose. The plan is to equip our part-time classes in Lawanson, Enugu (in the making) and Benin Republic (God willing) with projectors and speakers which will allow us to zoom lectures from the campus to these centres.

Library Resources for the Degree Program

In preparation for the degree program and as part of our determination to expand our library base, books worth over #150,000 were procure within the month for WNCC library. The texts were procured from the African Christian Textbooks bookshop in Lagos.

Update on Prospective Enugu Centre

Interim report received from Enugu revealed that about 15 prospective students have procured the application form. Entrance examination questions have been sent to the coordinators to conduct entrance examination for the aspiring candidates. We plan to start classes in the center by August, 2020, all things being equal. From 2021, our plan is to visit our upcountry part-time centers to conduct intensive classes between June and July when the main campus is on vacation. We plan to award diplomas for those who meet entry requirements and graduate with an aggregate of not less than 2.0 on a 4-point scale. Those admitted on remedial and whose aggregate grade is less than 2.0 at the point of graduation will be issued certificate.

New Dean of Students’ Affairs

Moses Samuel Onuh was promoted to the position of Dean of Students Affairs within the month. He completed his Master’s degree in New Testament from Olabisi Onabanjo University in 2018. Over the years, he has distinguished himself as the Students Affairs Officer.

Plantain Plantation

In line with our recent discussion to make use of the College’s expanse of arable land largely unutilized, we are working on plantain farming before the end of the raining season. We invited one of our alumni members who is a graduate of the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, that specializes in plantain farming. She certified the portion of the land good for the purpose and expressed her willingness to serve as our consultant for the project. The west end of the campus from the gate extending to the village stream down to the poultry area will be cleared for this purpose. The clearing begins this weekend.

New Vehicles

We finally succeeded in procuring two cars. The Toyota Venza replaced the Toyota Highlander. We were able to sell our old rugged red bus used for 13 years for a good price. We added money to buy the Honda Pilot which will be used largely as airport shuttle for our visitors. Both vehicles cost #5.9M. Both were US used. The blue Toyota Hiace bus is still very much in good condition while the Highlander will be disposed as soon as possible.

Update on Building Project

Over six tons of steel required for top floor of the building project were procured during the month. As we have the funds, we plan to procure sand and granite; cement; planks in that order before the floor is poured. This is a major and most capital-intensive aspect of the project. As soon as the top floor is poured, we can move on gradually and steadily until completion.