WNCC July 2020 Report

Final Year Class’s Practicum and Graduation Ceremony

The class of 2020 are currently serving their one-month internship with various house churches in States where churches are not allowed to meet and with congregations in States where churches are allowed to meet.  The graduating class will be rounding up the practicum exercise on August 16, 2020. Since the government has allowed schools to temporarily open for students in the terminal class to write their final examination, our graduation ceremony has been scheduled for Friday, August 21, 2020. It will be low-keyed and restricted; to be conducted in strict compliance to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control’s protocols.

Enrolment for 2020/2021 Session

Online examination and interview were conducted for the first batch of candidates for the diploma and degree programs within the monthly. Similar exercise has been scheduled for Enugu and Republic of Benin centers in the month of August. Late entrance examination will be conducted for full-time applicants after the graduation ceremony.

Baptism on Campus

The evangelistic activities of the campus church continue in spite of the pandemic.Brother David John was added to the family of God through water baptism on July 19, 2020. To God be the glory.

Virtual Classroom

The virtual classroom set up to zoom lectures online is gradually being put in place. The projector was installed and the furniture was procured and set up. Laptop, air-conditioners, lightings, speakers and microphones will be installed as soon as we have the resources to put them in place.

Planting of 1500 Plantain Suckers

About four acres of land on the west end of the campus from the gate to the poultry site were cleared for the plantain plantation. Over 1500 suckers were procured and planted within the month. In addition to the consultants engaged, all staff members effectively participated in the process. All hands are on deck to ensure the success of the project which is hoped to be subsequently expanded to occupy remaining arable but unused land of the college.

Granite and Stone Dust for Construction Project

Twelve trucks of granite and stone dust were procured and delivered to campus within the month as part of materials needed to pour the next floor of the building project. About seven tons of steel were procured last month. Other materials needed include; cement, planks, bamboo, nails, etc. These will be procured as soon as we have the means.

GCM Discipleship Training

The Gospel Chariot Mission’s discipleship training was scheduled for Pretoria, South Africa in February, 2020. I was not able to attend. Bro. George Akpabli, the Director of the French-Speaking Bible School in Benin Republic who participated volunteered to update me on the training via Zoom. We did that for a couple of weeks after which I joined the Saturday GCM Discipleship training on Zoom. This was in addition to GCM prayer session on Fridays via Zoom for country update and prayers to stem the tide of the pandemic by about 25 ministry leaders across the continent. We receive weekly updates from about 35 African countries across East, West, Central and Southern Africa, including Australia and USA. The Friday prayer meeting and Saturday training are still in session. I constituted a discipleship training team in April, made up of WNCC faculty and some of our graduates/ministers. We meet 7pm on Sundays and Thursdays via Zoom. Four of our faculty members and the Chariot evangelist joined the African-wide GCM training group last Saturday for the first time. We hope to deploy the discipleship model across Nigeria. The model is biblical, simple, practical and reproducible. Please find my attached note and workbook of the model recently put together by Bro. George Funk. The following pictures are snipping of GCM and WNCC training sessions on Zoom.

In His love and service.