Onyeario Chukwuma hails from Abavo Local Government Area of Delta State of Nigeria. He is
from a polygamous home. His dad who was a teacher is now deceased. His mother, the second
wife, sought divorce before the demise of his father. Chukwuma and his three siblings lived with
his mum after the divorce. Chukwuma is a new student of West Nigeria Christian College and
School of Biblical Studies, Abeokuta, Ogun-State, Nigeria. He is passionate about God’s calling
to preach the gospel and believes WNCC prepares him adequately to fulfill that call. 
Chukwuma’s journey to becoming a Christian was through his sister. Both Chukwuma and the
mum attended and were members of several denominational churches. He recounts that his break
with denominations arose with the practices he encountered with the denomination, “Mountain
of Solution Ministry.” He notes that the false prophecies he encountered in this denomination
and the exploitations the preacher used to get money from his mum, a divorcee who barely
managed to take care of her children, led Chukwuma to vow not to have anything to do with the
denominational church again.

Chukwuma stopped worshipping and stayed home for most Sundays after then. His sister,
however, attended the church of Christ all the while Chukwuma and his mum fellowshipped with
the denominations. At the prompting of the sister and the preacher of the congregation she
worships in, Chukwuma and his mum decided to pay a visit to the church of Christ where his
sister attends. After the service that day, Chukwuma testified that the message he heard that day
was significantly different from what he was used to in the denominational churches. On that
very day, Chukwuma and his mum were all baptized.

With the baptism, Chukwuma was set on course for what God desires to accomplish through
him. The preacher noticed the unusual zeal Chukwuma had for the work of God and his
kingdom, and suggested to Chukwuma to proceed to West Nigeria Christian College and School
of Biblical Studies, Abeokuta, Ogun-State Nigeria, for studies, to equip him for ministry.
His initial dream to study Mass Communication became replaced with a passion for ministry.
With the trend of religious proliferation in his area, Chukwuma desires to gain knowledge of the
scripture through WNCC so that he may return home with the message of the gospel and as a
light to the ‘Gentiles.’

Chukwuma is thrilled with the journey thus far and he is devotedly committed to his studies and
evangelistic activities. He appreciates God’s grace in exposing him to the truth of the gospel. The
battle for the soul of men is herculean while faithful workers are in short supply. God bless you
as you support and sustain WNCC to continue to discover and equip the likes of Chukwuma for