Over time, West Nigeria Christian College and School of Biblical Studies, Abeokuta, Nigeria, has been silently but meticulously upgrading its facilities, developing its faculty, and increasing its capacities to assume the status of a degree-awarding institution. The need for a contextualized, robust, and holistic curriculum at the degree level, to keep in step with rising educational levels in most of our local congregations necessitated the new program. The four-year, eight-semesters program is delivered through weekly, monthly, short-course, summer, and online class modules.

The curriculum consists of courses in Bible, Ministry, Theology, and General Studies driven by high-tech instructional modes and delivered by qualified full-time, local and international adjunct instructors. The unaffiliated program began as a precursor of the affiliated one in the offing and an avenue for preachers, church leaders, and resource personnel in the local church and other ministry outreaches to sharpen their skills and be wholly equipped to navigate the murky waters of contemporary ministry.

The need to be an affiliate of a recognized university in the country  is consistent with our aim—to be a fount of knowledge in religious education, to train men and women desiring a theological education beyond the 2-year diploma, and to pull students considerably to the college for accredited Bachelor of Arts in Christian Religious Studies and Bachelor of Education in Christian Religious Studies. In preparation for this, the college devoted both human and financial resources to giving our community a facelift in the dorms, and offices, creation of new office spaces—adjunct instructors offices, a bursary office, and common rooms for both the male and female dormitories. Furniture for both office and the dorms, and office equipment have all been procured to present the college to meet the requirements demanded by the University of Ibadan for affiliation. The accreditation/affiliation visit is scheduled for Wednesday, July 26, 2023. We covet your prayers for a successful outing to the glory of God.

-Dr. Biodun Owolabi