Despite the difficult time and economic challenges in Nigeria, the staff and students of the Nigerian Christian Bible College are obeying the mandate of the master Jesus Christ, “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and of the Holy Ghost.

The students have developed their talents as Gospel Ministers and Evangelists and the College had mapped out strategies to send students out to various congregations in Akwa Ibom State and beyond to work with them for fruitful harvest of souls and for building up the body of Christ. The following are some fruitful results of our evangelistic programmes.

The college sent out 45 students to twenty congregations in Akwa Ibom State for general evangelism during the weekend of 3rd to 5th November, 2023. They baptized two souls at Northside Church of Christ, Ikot Akpan Adia, Ukpom Abak.

Uyai S. Joshua worked with the Church of Christ, Ikot Akpabio, Afaha Obong and baptized three souls that same weekend.

Emmanuel Silas, the College Bursar preached at Church Of Christ, Idoro Obio, Uyo and baptized four souls.

The Provost of the College, Joe Obinna worked with the Campus Church of Christ, Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic and reported of one baptism. One B.A. Degree Student of N.C.B.C from a denomination ‘Christ the King Lutheran Church’ obeyed the Gospel and was baptized recently.

The College sent Uyai Joshua to Ukpahada Ogoja, Northern Cross River State on a mission assignment on November 24th to 27th, he preached in an open air service and visited many congregations in the area and nine souls were baptized.

Silas Gudah Mishi, the Director of Ministerial Programme reported as follows: “Earlier today, one of our students at Itigidi, study centre was baptized after lectures and chapel, we still have two more non-members of the Church of Christ to work on, please put them in your prayer”.

The World Bible School, Abak Team meeting at N.C.B.C Campus reported of twenty baptisms for the month of November. We thank God for the harvest of souls and for the continued love and generous support from our kind hearted donors.

Thanks and God bless.

Uyai S. Joshua

Director, Media and Public Relations