WNCC’s student body consists of students from various works of life. Apart from the regular students on campus, some of our students are retired naval personnel, lawyers in practice, preachers, salespersons, marketers, entrepreneurs, seekers of knowledge, preacher’s wives, and secular teachers. They seek a deeper knowledge of God from their various works of life that would make them productive stewards in the kingdom of God. The silver lining of having students from various works of life is the various contexts that such works of life offer that would become mission fields for both the Lord and our students to best minister for the master.

Recently, some of our students stood out for the Lord in their various works of life and we couldn’t be prouder. In the recently concluded sister’s lectureship held at church of Christ Kemta-Idi, Aba, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria, two of the speakers for the day were students of WNCC and they were the highlight of the program, as participants were astounded by the wealth of knowledge, experience, and scriptural insights they displayed in their presentations. We are proud to have female students who are serving God in their various contexts, especially in the Lord’s kingdom, and who do not see their gender as a limiting factor but as something to be used for the glory of God.

As retired naval personnel, one of our returning students has turned his previous workplace into his mission field and continues to minister both to his senior officers and junior colleagues. As a lawyer in practice, a female student of ours continues to witness for God in her work environment, and as a preacher’s wife as well, she continues to be a companion for her husband as they both walk the road, hand-in-hand to heaven. Another of our students is saddled with the responsibility of being the Gospel Chariot’s minister. The Gospel Chariot and the various church ministries he encounters on his various travels become a ready mission field for him to minister for the Lord.

As business persons, marketers, and entrepreneurs, our students are actively coming in contact with customers, clients, and business partners who are ready-mission fields to be explored and exploited for the Lord’s glory.

Time and space cannot be enough to highlight the various contexts our students are  serving the Lord, but we are proud that they are ministers in their works of life for the Lord, and ready ministers in their church contexts—actively participating in the educational, evangelical, and benevolence ministries of their local congregations.  

Would you continue to support us so we can continue to have a variety of students who can each take their worlds for the Lord?