African Christian Schools Pins


Here is a great chance for you to promote soul winning to your friends, or inform others about the great work of preaching the gospel of Christ in Africa. Our three pin set is a great way to strike up conversations about African Missions. The first pin reminds people of the great work African Christian Schools has been doing for over 60 years, the second pin “Olorun Yio Pese” is Yoruba for “God will provide.” You can’t imagine how many times I ask our African brethren how they do all they do and they simply say – God will provide. The final pin is Yoruba for “Think Souls.” This is a great way to get people thinking evangelism. When they ask, “what does that mean,” and you say Think Souls, it is a reminder of our work taking the gospel to all the world. With each set of pins your generosity helps to train preachers of the gospel on the continent of Africa.



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