For sixty nine years, the Nigerian Christian Bible College (NCBC) has continued to provide scriptural, spiritual and educational shaping and training for would-be preachers/teachers of the gospel who want to fulfill their ministry. This academic session, we are poised, once again, towards fulfilling our mission of producing, “servant leaders who are academically qualified and properly equipped to minister in God’s kingdom wherever they go.”

NCBC runs a Diploma in Theology programme on full-time, part-time and on-line basis. This makes the programme flexible and brings the training closer to those who desire to study the Bible but find it difficult on account of time and busy schedules. We equally run two University affiliated degree programmes –  a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Education and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious studies. These programmes are packaged in such a way that our specific goals and priorities are achieved through them. With regard to enrollment for the Diploma and the two Degree programs, we have been blessed, this session, with 88 and 37 students respectively.

We are equally blessed with a robust academic staff profile with well versed, experienced and specialized personnel in relevant education and religious studies. Two new teachers and an ICT staff have just been employed. The College, at present, has qualified scholars in the fields of Old Testament studies, New Testament studies, philosophy of religion, sociology of religion, ethics, Christian ministry, Christian theology, African Traditional Religion, among others. The College is also blessed with education majors handling education related areas. With these qualified academic staff, the college teaches biblical languages – Hebrew and Greek extensively thereby making her products better Bible interpreters, teachers and scholars.

The College Library (Cato library) is not left out. We have been able to procure new chairs, tables and carrels for the library. With the installation of the Star link internet on our campus, the college E-library facility is improved. Our library is determined to becoming an avenue through which Bible scholars from all walks of life can get access to quality information resources for their studies and researches.

We have our renovated male and female hostels for students accommodation. Our water and electricity were made possible by the Greenhill Church of Christ, USA, President Chad Wagner and the African Christian Schools Foundation (ACSF).Thanks to them and all our donors. We are not ungrateful.These facilities remain invaluable on our campus. 

To further make students academically sound as well as field and pulpit-worthy, the college has officially embraced two major programs:

  • The Preachers Club: This program is designed to enable the students showcase their hermeneutical and homiletical knowledge as they are critiqued and evaluated by instructors in order to hone their preaching skills and make them better pulpit handlers.
  • Missions Club: This is designed and aimed at exposing and encouraging students on the missional responsibility of the Church. 

NCBC’s fish and pig farms would continue to help our students with skills in pig farming and aqua-culture.We believe that the grace and presence of God would remain with us through out this academic session.

The Provost, staff  and students of NCBC use this medium to express our profound gratitude to all the donors, for their support and prayers all these years. May God bless you and be with us all as we continue do His work in Christ’s dear name, Amen.

Joe, N. Obinna.

Provost, NCBC