Motorcycles and Bibles

There are two important factors to being a good minister. The first is of course having your own Bible. One you can read daily and study from, to share scripture with those around you. The other is transportation. In my own personal ministry life, every Sunday and Wednesday as well as every church event and outreach program would be nothing without transportation: from picking up kids for youth events, to delivering communion to those sick on Sunday, driving around town before every single service to pick up those who have no way of getting to church and traveling to new converts to gift them a Bible. A reliable mode of transportation is a must for a successful and effective ministry.

A minister of any form cannot be effective without the means of transportation and a good Bible. One way we can help is by simply equipping these men who are giving their lives to the work of the Lord with Bibles and a Motorcycle. African Christian Schools is launching a program to help equip our graduates with a motorcycle and study Bible for our alumni. In Nigeria, a motorcycle only cost $1,000 so it is not very expensive to equip these ministers do their work effectively with the gift of transportation. A bible in Nigeria only cost about $10 each – so 10 Bibles would simply be $100. We are launching this new campaign purely to help our preacher students make an even bigger impact in their own village once they finish their education of becoming a preacher. If you would like to see our graduates equipped with the tools for ministry, please consider helping with a motorcycle and Bibles.

-Anna Crossno