Every year, the college takes a toll on issues surrounding ministry and the challenges ministers and church leaders face in the ministry. This year, consensus fell on the need to be a church that seeks out the lost, a church that takes the mission of Christ head-on.

While this remains, it was also the consensus of ministers and church leaders that the traditional door-to-door knocking approach has not been far-reaching enough in recent times, as well as various evangelistic strategies that include, setting a day once a week, twice a month, a general regional open air. It was also noted that either members don’t turn up on the day slated for evangelism or they appear to be speaking to themselves during the open-air evangelism as not many visitors turn in for the program.

In light of this, and the need for us to be a church that replicates the Great Commission, and for every believer to be a disciple winning other disciples, this year’s ministers and church leaders’ workshop focused on, “Being and Making of Disciples: The Four-Field Model in Practice.”

The program was well attended as we recorded over a hundred participants and the atmosphere during the program was a “Berean atmosphere” where church leaders and ministers dutifully checked the scriptures and were willing and eager to take the message learned at the workshop home to their congregations for exploits.

The highlight of the ministers’ workshop was the certification of each participant and the provision of a pack of Bibles generously donated by the Gospel Share Missions, to be given to converts our participants would make.

The gains of the workshop have been growing as we have more registered members to join the weekly discipleship training meeting via zoom every Thursday by 8:00 PM WAT as well as having a rise in conversion with the tools deployed on the field.

We pray for sustenance and more laborers to take on the work of discipleship until there is no place left in Jesus’ name, amen.