The Grand Finale for Every Student at WNCC

Graduations are events every student look forward to as a defining moment in his/her life. This defining moment for most theological schools is such that the student having spent his years to earn a diploma/degree is now prepared to take his place as a worker in the vineyard of the Master. The graduation ceremony for WNCC class of 2022 took place on Saturday, May 7, 2022.

Last month at WNCC we sent 14 students out to work with congregations and get ministry experience to help them consummate their theological experience. The reports we received from the congregations as the students returned on the 30th of April was well appreciated. The congregations were blessed with the presence of the students and the students gleaned first hand ministry experience. From this exercise, we recorded 5 baptisms and continue to pray for the souls converted to remain faithful until the coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

This year’s graduation ceremony was well attended by family members, sponsors, guardians, and loved ones of the graduates. The ceremony celebrated the collective successes of fourteen graduates who were from various parts of the country. Their diversity implies that as they go back to their various parts of the country, we expect them to impact their various environs positively.

While the regions wherein this year’s graduates come from have established congregations, these congregations however, do not have a clear path for evangelism as the conversion stats in recent times have gravitated between members who transit from farther places to meet at the church hall, and the children of members growing up to become believers. Against this trend, we are hopeful and trusting on the grace of God to help our students to make impact with the discipleship training tools they have received to make members into disciples who will in turn create a ripple effect of making disciples of all nations until there is no place left.

While we continue to count our gains with another success end to an academic year, we pray that God assist our graduates as they navigate the ministry they have been called into.       

Dr. Biodun Owolabi, WNCC President